We are happy to buy properties anywhere in the UK. Our Consultants can be with you within 24 hrs.


We work from state of the art premises based in the centre of Manchester to provide you with the very best solution.


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For immediate free advice on your particular issue with absoloutley no obligation.

About Last Seconds

We have been providing solutions for our clients for over 15 years and our partners have a wealth of experience when it comes to property transactions.
We understand that individual circumstances can change at any time so we have developed a process where you can feel comfortable knowing your property sale will be dealt with immediately and with the minimum of fuss.
Selling a house is never easy! There is so much to think about and prepare for. The UK property market is an ever changing place of expectations, frustrations and let downs when things don’t go according to plan. Last Seconds are cash buyers and can quickly and easily organise a cash offer on your property in as little as 24 hours.